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 © NTPL / Stephen Robson

© NTPL / Stephen Robson

The beautiful Georgian mansion you see above will soon be a star. Not because it was featured in TimberPalace, though we hope to have that power one day. No, Antony house as it is known, will be featured in the upcoming Alice in Wonderland movie being created by Tim Burton as we speak.

It is not known how prominently the house will be featured but I assume a good portion of the beginning of the film will take place on the grounds. According to an article in the Plymouth Herald (Antony house’s local newspaper) the British National trust couldn’t be happier as the stately home is one of their lesser known properties.

It is hard to believe the house pictured above and its extensive, Repton designed gardens are under-appreciated. I am sure that is my general American bias toward such things. The home after all predates the town I live in by at least 125 years.

Should you find yourself in Cornwall, Antony house seems worth a visit. If you go soon you can say you knew it before it was famous.

If you can’t make it to Southern England you should check it out and 1,000’s of its sister properties out in the National Trust’s ginourmous photo library. I have a feeling I am going to spend the next few hours lost in it.


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