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I have been smited by the techno-gods yet again.

I am away from home and away from my computer at the moment which means Architecture School season pass is useless.  It really is quite frustrating but it could be worse.

Some people can’t watch the show at all.  It has been reported in the comments the show is not available for download in Australia.  Why would the producers, or Apple or whomever made this decision not want the show to be for sale to every iTunes user?

Lucky for me Sundance channel will be re-airing the episode Saturday and I will post a recap and response soon after.  In the mean time has anyone seen it?  What were your thoughts? Do you know how to share it with our friends in Australia?  COMMENT and let us know!

For those of you who, like me, have not gotten a chance to see it yet the re-air schedule is:

  • Saturday, Aug 30, 2:30pm e/p
  • Sunday, Aug 31, 6:30pm e/p
  • Wednesday, Sep 3, 8:30pm e/p
  • Wednesday, Oct 8, 9:00pm e/p
  • Thursday, Oct 9, 1:00am e/p

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