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Credit: Flickr.com/photos/jmchuff

Those of you in Portland are likely familiar with the now boarded up old Burger King restaurant on Burnside and Broadway. Well, according to Lost Portland the now decrepit building won a design award from the Portland Chapter of the AIA soon after it was built.

Oh yes, the building pictured above.

I think this illustrates beautifully our rapidly changing aesthetic tastes. I personally find the building quite awful but that may be in-part due to memories of the dodgy people that used to patronize it. I was once spat at while eating on a Whopper in its dining room.

None of that is the building or the architects fault though, and its award winning design indicates that it was important to Portlanders in 1978. Could it be again? If we tear it down will never find out.

Is this building worth preserving? Should we give it the mandated 50 years to find out? or should it make way for another condo project or some low-income housing?

Tell us what you think in a COMMENT.

For more information on the Burger King building head over to Lost Oregon. While you’re there, poke around a bit, It is a great source of the state’s forgotten (often Kitschy) history and one of my favorite local blogs.


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