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The American Institute of Architects has launched a video project documenting important American buildings.  This is more or less one of the things I wanted to do here at TimberPalace.  Despite the AIA beating me to the punch I am still working on bringing similar videos to the site.

The AIA project is essentially a collection of slideshows with a panel of AIA members narrating.  The video work is ok, I got a decent sense of the physical spaces on the clips I watched but the narrator panelists are phoning it in…. literally, they sound like they are on the phone.  I am sure they are busy people but couldn’t AIA at least have sent them a voice recorder or something?

Also, it is difficult to navigate the site.  At first I was under the impression that there was only one video.  It took perseverance to find the others.  That said, it is a worthy project and hopefully it spreads some knowledge and sparks some curiosity about all the great architecture we have in the country.  You should check it out:

AIA Shape of America Project

In the coming weeks I will hopefully have a few architectual videos of my own.  I promise not to phone it in.


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